Southeast Asia Map

Southeast Asia Map

Thursday, December 12, 2013

We're on our way!

The first leg of our trip begins at Travis Air Force Base, located near Sacramento in California and ends at Yokota Air Base, located near Tokyo in Japan. We've chosen to get to Asia via a military space available flight, and that always adds another layer of excitement to any of our travel plans. Though Travis Air Force Base is one of the main hubs for catching military flights heading west we never know what options may present themselves until almost the last minute. We had anticipated flying to Japan via Hawaii but it turns out we're on the 0630 roll call flight headed first to Alaska, and then to Japan. Yes, it will be a long day but what other opportunity would we ever have to see Alaska in the winter? We're traveling on a C-5 so we have the comfort of regular airline seats too - as opposed to jump seats. Estimated time of arrival in Japan is Friday evening around 6pm, Tokyo time. We're on our way!

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