Southeast Asia Map

Southeast Asia Map

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A quiet rice paddy walk in central Ubud! (Bali)

This was a surprising find - a quiet walk in the middle of bustling noisy crowded Ubud. We actually found it the very first day we explored, thanks to directions from a fellow South African whom we randomly bumped into on the busy street. Known as the rice paddy walk, I'm so glad we had the time to go back for lunch and this time bring the camera. It's such a contrast from the really busy main street; amazing to think it's only a minute away ... on foot!

Smaller pathways lead off to lovely houses; we believe they are mostly holiday accommodation rentals. The storm cloud above this one is typical of Bali weather during the rainy season. Sun and rain within minutes of each other but in this case we never even saw the rain!

This particular house was one of our favourites.

Along the walk are a few artisan craft shops, spas, restaurants and coffee shops.

We had a nice lunch with our neighbour friends at an organic restaurant amidst the rice paddies.

And this white tented roof restaurant is our excuse to find the time to go back once more!

Talking about food reminds me to mention that one of that best meals we've had comes from a street hawker. He's conveniently located a few minutes down the road from our studio but that isn't the reason we've been back twice. We love the flavour of the sauce he uses on the grilled chicken, we love his personality and we love the careful way his wife packages up all the trimmings in separate bags. Here's our dinner on the grill.

And back at home we have a yummy meal to dig into! Total price? IDR35,000 (about US$3).

Along with a relaxing beer purchased earlier from the supermarket to wash it all down!

Note on current exchange rate: US$1.00 is about Indonesian Rupiah IDR12,160 is about ZAR10.60

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