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Southeast Asia Map

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Antics in the Monkey Forest (Ubud, Bali)

Our outing to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary proved most enjoyable. There are about 560 Balinese macaques that currently reside in the forest, separated into three main social groups. Though the monkeys are wild they are obviously very used to people being around, accepting food such as bananas and papayas and climbing on shoulders to gain a different perspective. It became apparent very quickly that the monkeys were really attracted to Dennis (who isn't?) so I manned the camera to get a ton of cute candid shots! It's a lot funnier to view them all so I decided not to try and pick out the best picture.

Intricate stone carvings covered in moss ... hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil -

Soft little hands and feet, cute little faces, intelligent eyes - we loved them!

Dennis put his hands on his hips, a strategic move to push up his attractiveness factor. But we weren't expecting any monkeys to snuggle on the inside of the triangle it created!

The Holy Monkey Temples were built during the mid-11th century. Below is the Pura Dalem Agung Temple. This photo was taken when it was bucketing down with rain. We ended up getting soaked but quickly dried off when it cleared up about two hours later.

Dennis had an amazing interaction with a monkey at this temple - the full anti-flea treatment!

The entrance fee to this beautiful and magical place was IDR20,000 each, or about US$1.65 each!

Note on current exchange rate: US$1.00 is about Indonesian Rupiah IDR12,160 is about ZAR10.60


  1. Cute! Good to know Dennis is flea free for such a low price.

  2. What an amazing experience for Dennis. Are we the only ones who noticed that Dennis has the same colour hair as the monkey's fur? I am certain that is why they took such a shine to him :)

  3. Lol! those pictures with Dennis and the monkeys are lovely! Did you get any monkeys on you? The monkey temple is beautiful! Helen is so right Dennis's hair IS the same colour as the monkeys down to the white fading to grey!