Southeast Asia Map

Southeast Asia Map

Friday, December 13, 2013

The joys of flying Space-A!

We made the last post with the full expectation that we were definitely on our way. But in true Space-A fashion we have embarked on another adventure; we are not in Japan ... at least, not yet. We have experienced a couple of delays but feel thrilled to find ourselves in Alaska, a blanket of snow on the ground and a high temperature today of around 18*F (about -7*C). It's cloudy so we can't see the mountains and it's a little too cold to go for a walk, especially when we haven't packed the appropriate accessories. But we did venture outside to take a brief photograph ...

The snow is falling softly now, spreading peace and brilliance at the same time. And although beautiful it only makes us more appreciative that we don't have to stay here. At this point we believe our ETA in Japan is Sunday afternoon. But tomorrow is another day and we're making the guess that we'll get there when we get there!


  1. Well, at least you know what to expect with military travel. Stay warm!